8th July 2019


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How Long and How Much does it Cost?

Novice forklift training course is intended for those beginners with little or no driving skills on any type of forklift truck.

Spectrum Training forklift courses covers classroom training, supervised practical training, driving ,written evaluation and theory tests

Successful candidates will learn up to date government legislation, operating skills, and safety knowledge. All delivered by a qualified RTiTB Instructor.

The typical novice forklift training is 5 days, covering all the topics needed to become a certified operator. The maximum ratio of trainees to the instructor is 3:1

The normal cost is £190 per day. However, we currently have a Special Offer for £150 per day.

Who Can Receive Forklift Refresher Course

Our Refresher course is intended for those forklift drivers who have had  formal training and wanting to make their skills current.

Employers can also send their operators for refresher training for numerous reasons, such as: operator accidents, to correct operators’ unsafe driving habits, to make them aware of present legislation,or for just routine evaluation.

Our Refresher Course take just one day for up to 3 candidates, normal cost is £190 per day. However, we currently have a Special Offer for £150 per day.

Can We Combine  Forklift with CPC Training?

For a small additional fee we can in some cases combine with Drivers Periodic CPC Training, thus delivering two days training in just one day. Please give Mark a Call on 01452 452462 to discuss this option





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